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Military History of the United States

Military History of the United States is a one semester elective. Coverage is from the American Revolution to the present era in a survey format, which means that each topic is addressed as an overview and not comprehensively, and the content selections are not exhaustive but selective. Many colleges and universities offer full courses devoted to each of the areas we study. Students will examine the causes of warfare, tactics and strategies, weaponry, technology and innovation, battles, outcomes, the home front, specific units and military leaders, human and other costs of warfare, and the shifting role of the United States in global affairs. Students will explore the experiences of minorities and women in the armed forces as well. The course will consist of lectures and note taking, readings, films and documentaries, research and writing, daily and weekly assignments, class discussions, guest presentations, formative and summative assessments, the completion of an individual project, and a field experience taken to Tahoma National Cemetery. Military History of the United States is classified as a minimal homework course, although homework may be required to complete your project and to make up assignments missed due to absence. More information can be found in the course syllabus which is available here

Washington State History Credit Retrieval

In Washington State History, students are introduced to Washington State by studying its diverse geography and its impacts on culture and the economy. The course then examines Washington State History chronologically, beginning with statehood and Washington State’s early growth. The course then focuses on the impact of the World Wars and the Great Depression on Washington’s growth and diversity. The course concludes with studying modern Washington State, looking at its economy in the era of globalization, the workings of government, and current challenges facing Washington. More information can be found in the course syllabus which can be found here

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