Class Information

Introduction to Physics and Chemistry

In this course, you will use laboratory explorations, simulations, research, discussion, and inquiry to explore how the concepts of physical science (physics and chemistry) apply to both natural and manmade phenomena (unique events) as well as your everyday life. You will learn how to think and act like scientists in order to understand how objects interact, what substances are made of, how the natural world works, and how we use this knowledge to innovate and solve real world problems. Science is an activity-based experience. We will combine inquiry and class activities, texts, visuals and research to help us learn the big concepts of physical science.  Our units will focus on forces and motion, properties of matter, chemical reactions, conservation of mass and energy, and energy transfer.  We will work collaboratively to collect and analyze data and use this evidence to support explanations of each event.

More information can be found in the Class Expectations letter:
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