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Intro to Acting (Formerly Theatre Arts I)
This is a one-semester course that covers the basics of theatre arts, with a focus on performance skills. The student will learn how to perform in a variety of situations (including improv), how to use stage space effectively, how to develop vocal and physical characteristics to help portray a character, and how to transfer emotions from real-life situations to fictional scenes. This course will also include a brief survey of the technical and fundamental elements of theatre. Evaluation is based on critiques by the teacher and other students as well as by self-reflection. More information can be found in the Class Syllabus

CWU Theatre 107: Intro to Theatre
This course is an overview of the basic elements of the theatre arts and dramatic structure, and the environment for production of plays. This course differs from Intro to Acting in that there is less focus on actual performance/acting skills, and greater emphasis on the fundamentals of theatre. More information can be found in the Class Syllabus

Students who register for credit from Central Washington University and pay the registration fee and tuition can earn 4 college credits upon successful completion of the course. Theatre 107 is part of the Washington 45 list of courses transferable to any college or university in Washington State.

Advanced Acting and Directing (Formerly Theatre Arts II)
This is a one-semester course that will provide students with further instruction in the study of theatre arts. Using a brief lecture/discussion/workshop approach, students will explore scenes and monologues in order to study development of characters. Students will be expected to participate in classroom activities and rehearsals with the ultimate goal of performing for the class. This course will also explore the technical elements of theatre at a greater depth than Introduction Theatre and Introduction to Acting, including (but not limited to) set, costume, lighting, and sound design.  More information can be found in the Class Syllabus

Theatre Projects and Productions (Formerly Theatre Arts III)
This course is for students looking for the opportunity to take on their own projects in all areas of theatre production, including, but not limited to, directing, casting, producing, costuming, marketing, playwriting, and design. This course will be primarily project-based, with students selecting, reading, casting, directing, blocking, and producing a dramatic piece(s) for public performance. Additionally, students could participate in their peers’ productions as actors and/or designers. This course will be largely student-driven and collaborative, with the instructor serving in a mentoring role. Fundamentals of directing and producing will also be covered in this semester-long course. More information can be found in the  Class Syllabus.

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